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Metal Stamping Parts

Die Design & Open: We use the most advanced die design software Auto CAD, Solidworks, UG (dwg), we open dies and tools ourselves.
Our Capabilities: 
We use advanced technology, unmatched skill, professional equipments and rich experience technicians to fit our customers’
requirements, like tooling manufacturing, stamping, deep drawing, welding, tube bending and surface coating service.

We can perform a variety of custom metal stamping operations, including:

Blanking,Bending,Punching,Coining,Drawing,Embossing.Piercing,Curling,Riveting,Assembled,Joining etc

If you have request about customized metal stamping parts, please send your drawing to us. 

Range of Materials: Metal sheets include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

Range of Material Thickness: it is 0.2-12mm for punching, stamping, forming, no thickness limit for welding.

Surface Treatment: Plating(zinc, nickel, chrome), electrophoresis, painting, powder coating, electrostatic spraying, hot dip galvanized, dacromet,anodic oxidation, blacking, polishing, anti-rust oil

Dies/Toolings: All our dies and tools are engineered and built in-house, using our state-of-the-art EDM and CNC machines. Creating our own die and tool sets allows us to maintain tight tolerances of up to 0.0005″ throughout the entire metal stamping process.


Industrial Applications of Metal Stamping Parts:


About our company:

Woodoo Company has experience manufacturing custom metal stamping parts for a wide variety of applications. We manufacture standard and custom stamping parts for virtually any application at competitive prices that keep the final product within budget.

We serve OEM supply chain managers, design engineers, and procurement teams know they can rely on our team to provide high-quality tool design and streamlined manufacturing services, including the design and production of fourslide or progressive die tools. All of our moulds/toolings are made in-house by our team of expert craftsmen. Managing our design, manufacture, and quality assurance programs in-house ensures we maintain complete control over the quality and specifications of every tool and bracket.

Our advantage


Packaging & delivery: Our products are all packed in strong cartons and pallets/wooden cases to ensure zero damage. If customers have specific requirements for the packaging, we will gladly accommodate. The products can be sent to you by sea or by plane.